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Long gone are the days when a visual inspection of the engine bay could produce the cause of an engine problem or warning light. Every year, more and more systems are becoming computer and sensor controlled to ever greater degrees.


As a result, reading, testing, and then determining the appropriate course of action also requires ever more complex technology and training.


At Precision Automotive in Orleans, we are committed to ensuring we can provide accurate high-end diagnostic service to all our clients.


To aid in ensuring accurate diagnostics and repairs, Precision Automotive constantly invests in ongoing training for our Technicians. To ensure our Technicians have the tools they need to perform at their best, we own the best and most up to date diagnostic tools and equipment.


Check Engine Light


The "Check Engine" light is the most generic warning light in your vehicle's warning system.


A fault with a number of systems can lead to a check engine light, including a fault with the engine itself, the ignition system, timing, the transmission, the emission control system, and much more.


A few seconds with a good scanner will narrow down which system is likely the fault, but determining where the fault lies and why can take a great deal of time and resources.


If the check engine light is FLASHING, the engine requires immediate attention, or severe damage may occur.


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