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By law, every new vehicle intended for sale in North America is required to have a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) installed.


The basic premise is a sensor located inside the tire, which measures the tire pressure and sends a wireless signal to the vehicle. If the tire sensor detects that the pressure drops below a certain threshold (most default to 20% below recommended pressure), the warning light is activated.


Many vehicles will automatically reset the TMPS after replacement or service. Precision Automotive in Orleans owns the relearn tool required to reset systems that don't have an automatic reset procedure.


Tire Pressure Monitoring System


In addition to being activated due to low tire pressure, the TPMS warning light can come on for a number of reasons, including:


  • Defective TPM sensor
  • Absent TPM sensor
  • Improper calibration
  • Rotating tires without resetting or "re-learning" the sensor 


Of course, do not rely on a sensor to tell you whether your tire requires air. Instead you should periodically check your tire pressure to prevent damage to tires, and to ensure optimal fuel economy and handling. Be sure to set your tires to the pressure recommended on the tire installation plate, not what is rated on the side of the tire.


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